Antioxidants-the Superhero of our skin

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When we hear about the importance of antioxidants, right away we think about all the colourful fruits and vegetables, but topical antioxidants are also crucial during the summer months. Topical application of antioxidants such as serums and masques can add protection to the damaging effects of the sun. Especially if you’re looking for some serious anti-aging, clear-complexion, and radiant skin benefits, these Skin Care Superheroes can combat the free-radicals from the sun and other harmful allergens from the environment, and it should be a part of your daily routine!

Oxidation is your skin’s worst enemy 

In a healthy state, our body has the ability to naturally produce antioxidants and counteract and detoxify the harmful effects of free radicals. However, stress speeds up the oxidation in our cells; along with other environmental factors like UV rays from the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke etc…cause an imbalance in our body. As we all know, the result of that is not pretty - weight gain, fatigue, premature aging, and of course -- dull and aging skin!!! 

How to prevent

Never let go of your sunscreen!! Hyperpigmentation, premature wrinkles and loss of elasticity are just a few side effects from unprotected sun exposure. Nowadays, we can easily find skin care with sun protection for different skin types. Make sure you consult your skin care therapists and choose one that’s most suitable for your skin’s condition and lifestyle. Personally, I love my mineral powder. I can reapply it as I need throughout the day as makeup or translucent powder (Great for men and kids!!)
Give your skin a good load of antioxidants... Internally and topically!!

  • Internally: Up your dosage of Vitamin C daily, and eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables.
  • Topically: Serums and Masques are easy to use and are simple add-ons to your skin care routine. These products should absorb easily on our skin, providing protection from free radicals (UV light, pollution and other environmental elements that are harmful to our skin), and with repairing properties.

The 5 Main Benefits of Antioxidants for Your Skin

  1. Correct signs of age
  2. Prevent sunburn
  3. Help skin repair itself
  4. Help brighten skin tone
  5. Prevent skin cancer

The Best Antioxidants for Your Skin

Look for ingredients that have high concentrations and extracts of Green Tea, Grape Seed and Berry etc... Here are just some of the most popular antioxidants found in your skin care products:
  2. RETINOL (VITAMIN A)- Eminence has a *Natural Hydroquinone Alternative option
  3. Vitamin E 
  5. Niacinamide (a.k.a. Vitamin B3)

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