Acupuncture by Susan

Susan has a wide range of experience with different patients and conditions. From treating physical pain to complex auto-immune problems; as well as unusual complaints without apparent medical cause. These include neck and shoulder pain, digestive issues, women's health and acne problems.
She takes a holistic approach to healthcare, treating the whole person rather than just their symptoms. She believes that optimal health is achieved through a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Acu Facial 60min | 185

A holistic treatment that addresses both external and internal issues to improve the skin and general wellbeing. It is an excellent and natural alternative to abrasive procedures and botox.

Cosmetic benefits: Increased collagen & elasticity, brighten complexion, reduced acne, reduced puffiness and swelling, improved facial muscle tone & texture

Well-being benefits: Release endorphins, improve circulation, improve sleep, reduce mental stress & anxiety.



AcuLip  20-30 min | 80

The most natural Lip Treatment that targets to smooth out lines & plump up the lips.


AcuEar 20 min | 65

Used for detox, insomnia & anxiety and more…

Add on your choice of facial treatments 



Acupuncture is one of the treatment module in TCM, working directly with the meridians/channels in your body. By removing the blockages in the meridians, we encourage the flow of Qi and blood. Which helps to bring nourishments to area of pain/disease, and ease the problem.


Acupuncture- Initial Consultation w/ Treatment 75min | 165

Initial consultation is need for diagnosis and treatment plan. It is also to give you a holistic overview of what you need to change, including diet, lifestyle, activities etc; information that could help you to take charge of your health. 



Acupuncture- Subsequent treatment 60 min | 135

Cupping Therapy is used as one of the treatment therapy in acupuncture session. Though it depends on client's needs. It might not be needed or suitable for all clients or their particular treatment. 



Subtle Energy Healing Session 60min | 185

A deep relaxing sessions include sound healing with tuning fork and energy healing. This combination works harmoniously together and can help release tension and energy and promote emotional balance. The sound vibration and the subtle energy access and travel deeply into the body’s meridians, and stimulate tissues, energy and Qi, to promote inner healing. And may help relieve muscle and bone pain.


Clients Testimonial

Priya A.
"Susan has played a vital role in my healing journey. Initially, I reached out to her while dealing with the persistent discomfort of plantar fasciitis, having exhausted other avenues for relief. Thanks to her expertise, dedication, and compassionate care, I've experienced a significant reduction in the acute pain.

What sets Susan apart is her commitment to holistic well-being. Beyond addressing the immediate concerns, she has guided me toward a more comprehensive approach to overall health. Her diverse range of modalities, including acupuncture, cupping, massage, and energy work, is not just about treating symptoms but nurturing the whole person.

Susan's philosophy on well-being encompasses a holistic approach that acknowledges the emotional and spiritual facets of healing, in addition to the physical. Her innate intuition and compassionate demeanor create a supportive environment that fuels my motivation to continue my healing journey. I feel immensely fortunate to have Susan as a crucial part of my healing team.
Sarah K.
"Meeting a holistic practitioner like Susan has been a blessing in my life to say the least!
I met her to resolve a severe discomfort I was feeling in my back. Who knew this was just a symptom of something that runs way deep. In today’s time I haven’t seen practitioners that emphasize on natural ways to heal and make you listen to your body. Just after the first session, my back pain was 80% gone! I was pleasantly surprised.
She has been helping me to heal my skin as well. She has a wealth of knowledge and knows a human body inside out. Her treatment is personalized to each patient and she listens to what you say and what you don’t.
If you are looking to heal your body from within and need help, look no further! Highly recommend visiting her once and you will know what I mean.
Susan, thank you for everything!"
Danni L.


"I've been a client of Susan since 2015. She's helped me with my prenatal pelvic pain and low back pain. Today's testimony was due to a recent injury that had sudden and severe onset of pain that I treated with an adjustment but the pain did not subside.
Before seeing Susan I was unable to sit down or get up without supporting myself. I couldn't bend down or pivot my body while lying down without feeling sharp nerve pain. She was able to figure out the source through a verbal assessment, and chose correct correspondence for treating my pain. I had little expectation as I felt it will take weeks to go away, but I was able to feel immediate relief after her treatment.
I've had other acupuncture treatments done before and Susan is the only therapist that will take her time to speak to you and relax you thoroughly through massage first before needling. I'm very grateful for the relief she provided after our treatment. I strongly recommend other clients who are experiencing pain to seek her care."