At Gem Beauty Boutique, we believe in ‘beauty inside-out’



In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), blockages in the mind and body are the main cause of illnesses and diseases. The balance and alignment of the Yin and Yang energies in all levels are tantamount to a healthy self.

Acupuncture is one of the treatment module in TCM, working directly with the meridians/channels in your body. By removing the blockages in the meridians, we encourage the flow of Qi and blood. Which helps to bring nourishments to area of pain/disease, and ease the problem.

With a deep-rooted philosophy in TCM and Eastern Philosophies, Susan believes these blockages can also exist in our soul level (karmic blockages). Susan uses energy healing and archetypal energies to identify repetitive challenging life patterns ~ karmic blockages, and heal from the soul level.

Using this holistic approach, Susan correctly identifies and diagnoses the individual's current state of health in the soul, mind and body on all levels. She believes that the awareness and acknowledgement of your current state is the just the beginning of all healing journeys.

Acupuncture- Initial Consultation w/ Treatment 90min | $145

Initial consultation is need for diagnosis and treatment plan. It is also to give you a holistic overview of what you need to change, including diet, lifestyle, activities etc; information that could help you to take charge of your health. 

Acupuncture- Subsequent treatment 60 min | $120

Cupping Therapy is used as one of the treatment therapy in acupuncture session. Though it depends on client's needs. It might not be needed or suitable for all clients or their particular treatment. 

Reiki 60min | $145

Reiki sessions include sound healing with tuning fork and energy healing. This combination works harmoniously together and can help release tension and energy and promote emotional balance. The sound vibration and the subtle energy access and travel deeply into the body’s meridians, and stimulate tissues, energy and Qi, to promote inner healing. And may help relieve muscle and bone pain.

Acupuncture & Reiki 90min | $235

For those who are suffering from chronic  pain and illness, or emotional burnout... this treatment approach looks at health from all dimensions - mind, body & soul.