Facial Acupuncture



TCM Dermatology

Improve your skin health and appearance with a holistic approach. The primary goal of treatment is to address the underlying causes of the skin disorder, rather than just treating the symptoms. This is achieved through a comprehensive diagnosis that considers the patient’s overall health, diet, and lifestyle factors.

Integrating Chinese medicine philosophies & diagnosis, Susan uses Acupuncture and her extensive knowledge and experience in skin care to treat all your skin challenges.


Acu Facial 60min | 185

A holistic treatment that addresses both external and internal issues to improve the skin and general wellbeing. It is an excellent and natural alternative to abrasive procedures and botox.

Cosmetic benefits: Increased collagen & elasticity, brighten complexion, reduced acne, reduced puffiness and swelling, improved facial muscle tone & texture.

Well-being benefits: Release endorphins, improve circulation, improve sleep, reduce mental stress & anxiety.



AcuLip  20-30 min | 80

The most natural Lip Treatment that targets to smooth out lines & plump up the lips.


AcuEar 20 min | 65

Used for detox, insomnia & anxiety and more…

Add on your choice of facial treatments 

**Please note that facial acupuncture does not include masking, steaming, extractions, etc. there are facial combination you can add-on to this session.
**We will avoid facial areas treated with Botox within 3 weeks, or fillers within 3 months.

Benefits of facial rejuvenation acupuncture:

  • Improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness & swelling

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improve facial muscle tone

  • Reduce muscle tension; jaw tension

  • A chemical free process; 0 down-time

  • Long lasting results

  • Brightening, benefit eyes


Client's Testimonials

Param G.

"I have been getting acupuncture sessions from Susan for a few years now. The time she takes to hear me out, assess what I need and the holistic guidance she provides during the session has benefitted my health journey immensely. The facial acupuncture sessions with Susan have been magical in how they tone and shift the texture of my face!! The fine lines just disappear during the session.

Today I just got my first micro-needling session with her and am beyond impressed! The broken capillaries on my face simply disappeared, with no down time :) Susan is truly a blessing 🙌" 



Vivian H.

"Acupuncture with Susan is amazing! I’ve had chronic back pain, but after the treatment, not only my pain was relieved, my nerve symptoms also improved drastically. I also go to her for  Facial acupuncture. It  alleviates muscle tightness in my forehead and jaws as I am always very tense. As a bonus, it lightened my forehead line and my cheeks appear lifted as well." 



Joy J.

"Susan is one of my most trusted practitioners for more than 15 years. She is very professional and creates a very open and relaxing environment for her clients. From acupuncture, energy healing, tuning fork therapy (sound healing), cupping, hot stone massage, to facials and micro-blading, she does them all and does them very well. Say yes to self care and book your next appointment with Susan."